Aquarium & Pond Specialists in Central Bedfordshire

Here at Fathoms Aquatics in Leighton Buzzard we cater to all varieties of fish keepers - from reef and marine aquariums, coldwater fish, pond and koi fish, planted aquariums, nano tanks, children's aquariums and tropical community tanks. Hundreds of products in stock including a huge range of fish tanks and aquariums both large and small.

We stock only the highest quality aquarium products. Whether you're upgrading a goldfish bowl and looking for the perfect kid's starter aquarium, setting up a new reef tank, or building your dream koi pond; we've got you covered for all your aquatic needs.

Proud stockists of products from Red Sea, Evolution Aqua, TMC, Juwel Aquarium, JBL, Oase, NT Labs, Hozelock, BiOrb, Eheim and many more high quality aquaristic brands. With hundreds of products from fish food to filters, all available to purchase in our Bedfordshire store.

New Hall Open Now

We have finished the refurbishment of the largest area of the shop, including new floor, roof and shelving. This has allowed us to stock a far greater range of both aquarium and pond products including brands new to us.

The new Pond Fish area is open with lots of Goldfish & Japanese Koi in stock, however we are now in the process of refurbishing this area, and adding more ponds too.

We have also started work on increasing the number of aquariums for us to display an increased variety of tropical fish in. We are confident this will make us a go to aquatic store for people in the surrounding towns like Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead as well as Leighton Buzzard.

Loads of Fish

Here at Fathoms Aquatics we have a wide variety of Tropical and Tropical Marine Fish to choose from. All lovingly looked after, to ensure that when they are sold they are in tip top condition.

Three large coral tables contain a dazzling display of both hard and soft corals to choose from. From pocket money frags up to larger show pieces.

During the Summer months we stock a large selection of Pond Fish, including Goldfish, Shubunkins, Sarassas, Grass Carp, Orfe, Sturgeon, and Koi (including Japanese).

All Backed up with proven advice and service.

A Picture Of Fathoms Aquatics' Tropical Fish Room
A Picture Of Fathoms Aquatics' Aquarium Show Room
A Picture Of an aisle in Fathoms Aquatics' Pond Goods section
A Picture Of a different aisle in Fathoms Aquatics' Pond Goods section
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Leighton Buzzard Garden Centre, Hockliffe Road, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, Bedfordshire, LU7 9NX
Pet Shop License: CB/LANW/21/001310 (Central Bedfordshire Council)

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